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Find WoodFunny @ North America Find WoodFunny @ North America

Our first shipment has arrived

Our first shipment has arrived

After a long time of hard work, our first shipment finally entered the IDS North American Cloud Warehouse. We have been engaged in e-commerce sales in Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. For the first time we tried to sell in the United States, we were lucky to find a unique combination bed factory willing to provide us with sales products in different fields, which gave us the opportunity to try the WOODFUNNY brand.

Facing the unfamiliar sales environment in North America, we have been exploring for a long time and gradually managed Amazon, Wayfair, Walmart... and other large e-commerce platforms. We also provide professional distributors to sell WOODFUNNY products. This is a platform dedicated to placing orders for distributors. We look forward to the first batch of products on the shelves and good sales performance.

The same cargo is being shipped to the eastern port. We were lucky to find IDS North America Cloud Warehouse. They can provide warehouse storage space in different regions of the United States according to our needs. This increases the flexibility of delivery and will introduce IDS to everyone in the future.






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