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Find WoodFunny @ North America Find WoodFunny @ North America

The professional North American logistics and warehousing company-IDS

The professional North American logistics and warehousing company-IDS

WOOD FUNNY ~ This is the third e-commerce brand established by MaCal InfoTEK Inc. There will be an important factor in establishing this brand-Amazon, in view of the fact that product design manufacturers want to sell on Amazon in North America and solve the logistics and storage problem together. Therefore, we combined the professional North American logistics and warehousing company-IDS to make WOOD FUNNY, a combined bed brand, visible to consumers in North America.

Traditionally, professional storage facilities in North America have provided warehousing and distribution services to retail chains and online retailers such as Walmart and Amazon by means of distribution centers and fulfillment services.

U.S. wholesalers and importers utilize these professional warehouses to fulfill their needs, thereby extending wholesalers and retail chains to provide goods on demand.

As manufacturers and exporters from Asia cope with the ever-changing business landscape and rules, they are now being required to warehouse their manufactured goods in North America. This allows large retail chains and buyers in the U.S. to obtain their shipments in a timely manner, forgoing the long lead time which was once the norm.

What seems to be a simple request actually requires a multitude of hurdles to overcome to make possible; including timely/prompt delivery, accuracy of service and inventory knowledge, secure handling of network data for example.  However, most North American warehouse operators with the ability to provide the aforementioned services do not cater to the Asian manufacturing clientele.  The investments required to overcome the language barriers and information systems integration are some of the common themes that prohibit such an endeavor.    


At the current moment only a handful of Asian manufacturers are willing to invest the time and money in building their own logistics network to serve their North American clientele in a timely manner.

By creating an online platform, that successfully integrates the cross border logistics requirements, IDS has been able to service the Asian manufacturers with warehousing and logistics needs by providing 16 main warehouses in 6 main North American ports.  This integrated logistics platform enables pan Asian manufacturers, suppliers and trading houses the ability to fulfill US buyers’ needs in warehousing goods in the US.  Thus allowing for timely procurements satisfaction, real time management of inventory, and automated processes that side steps the difficulty operating in different time zones.  In addition, the IDS platform includes logistics services that handles client return of products and dedicated warehouses that conducts maintenance and service work on behalf of client products.

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